Paint & Rust Removal with Mobile Sandblaster in Northwest Arkansas

The media blaster process includes a portable high pressure system with hose and nozzle that utilizes various abrasives. Abrasives include baking soda, dry ice and glass beads.

The high pressure system removes rust, paint and sealers without damage to the surface underneath.

Sand Blasting Services

  • Concrete and Masonry – Ideal for removing old sealers and paint from stamped concrete and pavers, brick and cement floors.
  • Mold Remediation – We can quickly and effectively remove mold from wood, concrete and metal surfaces.
  • Removing Paint from Brick – The high pressure from blasting removes paint and sealers from brick. We then recommend sealing the surface for long term protection.
  • Removing Rust From Metal and Steel – There are unlimited options for restoring metal and steel. Water and fuel tanks, interiors and exteriors of ships, industrial pipes and valves, fencing, machinery and restoring antiques are a few options.